Car camping in Gotland.

Car Camping – the minimalistic concept that changed our way of travelling

If you want get away on a roadtrip but dont want to live on hotels, organized camping spots or bring a lot of stuff this is the ultimate thing for you. We converted our car to a family mobile home and found a new freedom in this easy way of travelling. Here are som pictures I hope can inspire.

In the constant ongoing process of downisizing our life we also discover new ways to apply the minimalist thinking.
Travel is one of them.
As a family with two kids we have always loved, and will love, to travel. That is one main reason we thrive for a decluttered life. We prioritize to get away as much as we can and don’t want to get limitezed in our choices.
Travelling for us is to have a blank paper and the freedom and possibilities to go where we want to go, when we want to go there and to do it in our own way.
That means we need transportation to discover new places but also want to have the freedom to live where we find a nice place and the choice to move on when we feel like it.
When we travel abroad cheap and open flight-tickets are our number one choise, ofcourse. But in Scandinavia, where we live, and Europe the car has became the perfect alternative for us to come closer to the nature and wilderness.
During the years when our kids were smaller (they are now 3 and 7 years old) we have used the car to travel and discover a lot of new and hidden places in the nature during the summers. But hat often included bringing tents, camping gear and food.
The car is perfect in that way that it can take you anywhere without the bulk. But you also get limitated by the space wich affect what you can bring and in the end how you live.
So last summer we reconsiddered the whole thing.
Why not use the car as a shelter? In that way we wouldn’t have to bring any camping gear, we thought.
Our Volvo V50 is a station wagon where you can flip the seats down and expand the space. And gladly it became a perfect bed for us.
The key to this experiment was to minimize the packing even more. So we just brought one little rucksack each with som extra clothes, sleepingbags and thin matrasses.
And then we went off on a spontanious roadtrip in Sweden that unexpected ended up in Norway and Croatia.
What we realized was that we had converted our family stationwagon to a mobile, effective and minimalistic mobile home that gave us the freedom to go wherever we wanted to go. And to stop where we found a nice spot.
The only one little key was to minimize the amount of gear and focus on the experiences, the trips and the freedom. And to see the car as a mobile shelter instead of a transportation veichle.
So I just wanted to share the experience and some tips for you all who want to try new ways of travelling in a minimalistic way with your family. Without burning loads of cash in campinggear, hotels or huge campervans.
Here are some pictures from our minimalistic carcamping summer.













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